Rail Transportation

Rail Transportation in Azerbaijan, Russia,  Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan we have long experience in  services and rail operations. We can select and reserve optimum type and quantity of a rolling stock for transportation of specific kinds of cargoes, by using  Azerbaijan , Russian and CIS rail cars. 

Our team plans the loading capacities to be applied on rail cars, finds the most optimal train routes and calculates all incurring costs.

We have access to all available wagon types of the respective participating railways, as well as private railway freight wagons. 

We also offer Rail freight from China to the Europe, via  Azerbaijan through the Silk Way


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What costs are included in freight?

Freight costs typically include several different components, depending on the mode of transport and the specific terms of the shipment. Some of the common costs included in freight are: Transportation costs: This is the cost of actually moving the goods from the point of origin to the destination. Transportation costs may be charged based on […]

What are the 4 types of air freight?

There are four main types of air freight: General cargo: This is the most common type of air freight and includes a wide range of goods that are transported by air, such as electronics, textiles, machinery, and consumer goods. General cargo can be shipped in a variety of packaging, including boxes, crates, and pallets. Express […]

How many types of sea freight?

There are several types of sea freight that are commonly used for transporting goods by sea. These include: Full container load (FCL): In FCL shipping, the entire container is reserved for one shipment, which can be loaded and unloaded at the origin and destination ports. This is typically the most cost-effective option for shippers with […]

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Rail transportation in Azerbaijan

Rail transportation is an important part of Azerbaijan’s logistics infrastructure, serving as a vital link between Europe and Asia. The country has a well-developed rail network, which is managed by the Azerbaijan Railways company.

The Azerbaijan Railways network consists of more than 2,900 kilometers of track, connecting the country’s major cities and towns with neighboring countries, including Russia, Georgia, and Iran. The network includes both broad-gauge and standard-gauge tracks, which allows for seamless transportation of goods across different countries.

Azerbaijan has also invested in new rail infrastructure projects, such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, which was completed in 2017. The railway connects Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, with the Georgian capital Tbilisi and the Turkish city of Kars, providing a direct rail link between Europe and Asia.

Rail transportation is an important mode of transportation for both passengers and freight in Azerbaijan. The country has a number of passenger train services, including long-distance trains that connect major cities, as well as regional and suburban trains.

In terms of freight transportation, rail is a popular choice for businesses looking to transport large volumes of goods over long distances. The Azerbaijan Railways company offers a range of rail freight services, including full train load (FTL), less than train load (LTL), and intermodal services, as well as specialized services for the transportation of refrigerated goods.

Overall, rail transportation plays a critical role in Azerbaijan’s logistics industry, providing a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to transport goods and people across the country and beyond. With ongoing investment in new infrastructure projects, rail transportation is likely to continue to grow in importance in Azerbaijan’s economy.