Sea shipping

Sea shipping Azerbaijan one provider, multiple carriers!

LCL offers the possibility of consolidating multiple consignments from multiple customers in one Full Container Load (FCL). Customers can ship low volumes without having the cost commitments of a full container. 

With competitive shipping rates and a real emphasis on personal service, we are ideally placed to help you and your business with all your shipping requirements


International sea shipping of goods occupies a significant place in the system of global deliveries of goods. Sea shipping of goods and cargo by sea is often the only way to transport goods in intercontinental spaces (apart from airfares, which are much higher).
Ship-to-ship delivery of different tonnages may lose other modes of transport over time, but there are many advantages to keeping the palm first: Cost-effectiveness – Sea shipping is rightly considered the most economical way to transport long-distance cargo. Versatility – Sea mode delivers all categories of cargo regardless of characteristics, weight and dimensions (raw materials and cars, oil and gas, all groups of industrial goods and long-term storage products). High level of safety and security of cargo.